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Travelyaari Privilege Card

Travelyaari Privilege Cards for loyal returning customers has 5 tiers - TY Blue, TY Bronze, TY Silver, TY Gold, TY Platinum.
As you book more tickets with Travelyaari.com, you get upgraded to higher tiers and get more discounts and benefits.

Tier Structure

Your Privilege Tier depends on your transaction history in a rolling 12 month period, taking into account both the number of transactions and transaction amounts.
Points Transactions Tier Discount
0 - 2000 0 - 2 TY Blue None
2001 - 10000 3 - 10 TY Bronze 2%
10001 - 25000 11 - 25 TY Silver 3%
25001 - 60000 26 - 60 TY Gold 4%
60000 + 61 + TY Platinum 5%
On joining the program, you start off as a TY Blue member. Subsequently, you tier is calculated based on your transaction activity over a rolling period of 12 months. You get upgraded to a higher tier by accumulating the required transaction volume or transaction size. For e.g. after 2 transactions or transactions worth Rs.2000, you are upgraded to a TY Bronze member which gets you a 2% discount. To retain your position in a tier you need to make the minimum number of transactions or minimum value of transactions for that tier; For e.g. If you are a TY Silver member, you need to make at least 10 transactions or transactions worth Rs.10000 in the 12 month period to remain a TY Silver member, else you get degraded to a TY Bronze member.
Note: Cancelled tickets are not considered as valid transactions to calculate Privilege Card tiers.

How to use the Travelyaari Privilege Card

Option 1: Login to your Travelyaari Account (Sign In) >> Complete your booking >> Get discount based on your tier
Option 2: Search & Select your booking options >> Login from Checkout page by selecting radio button "I have a Travelyaari account" >> Get Discount
based on your tier