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Traveling with has some remarkable benefits because the more you travel, the more you gain. When you travel with, you become our privileged customer and are entitled to a privilege card that earns you discounts and benefits. The type of privilege card you earn depends on the frequency of your travels.

"Benefits and privileges are not merely words but symbols of appreciation to our dedicated customers who make us who we are."

0 - 2 0 - 2000
TY Blue
3 - 10 2001 - 10000
TY Bronze
11 - 25 10001 - 25000
TY Silver
26 - 60 25001 - 60000
TY Gold
61+ 60000 +
TY Platinum

Privilege Card Registration

The best part about becoming a Privilege Card holder is that it is quick, simple and absolutely free. All you got to do is register online with with your name and e-mail id. Registering with makes bus ticket bookings faster and easier. You get to view previously booked bus tickets and can keep track of the TY tier structure, the points you have accumulated and your benefits.

Tier Structure

The privilege card you receive depends on your bus ticket booking history in a rolling 12 month period, taking into account the number of bus ticket bookings made and the bus ticket booking amounts.

There are 5 tiers of privilege cards TY Blue TY Bronze TY Silver TY Gold TY Platinum

1. TY Blue

This is the initial card you receive when you first book your bus tickets. You need to attain 0-2000 points or book 0-2 bus tickets to become a TY Blue member. You cannot avail any discount for being a TY Blue tier member.

2. TY Bronze

Once you have accumulated 2001-10000 points, or booked 3-10 bus tickets, you get upgraded to the TY Bronze tier and avail a 2% discount.

3. TY Silver

Once you have accumulated 10001-25000 points, or booked 11-25 bus tickets, you get upgraded to the TY Silver tier and avail a 3% discount.

4. TY Gold

Once you have accumulated 25000-60000 points, or booked 25-60 bus tickets, you get upgraded to the TY Gold tier and avail a 4% discount.

5. TY Platinum

Once you have accumulated over 60000 points, or booked 61 or more bus tickets, you get upgraded to the TY Platinum tier and avail a 5% discount.

You start off as a TY Blue member and make your way to the other tiers depending on the amount of travelling you do and the points you accumulate. For instance, after 2 bus ticket bookings or bus ticket bookings worth Rs.2000, you are upgraded to a TY Bronze member giving you 2% off on every ticket booked. If you make more than 11 bus ticket bookings over a period of 12 months, you get upgraded to TY Silver and so on. To retain your position in the tier, a minimum number of bus ticket bookings or minimum value of bus ticket bookings for that tier should be made; For example, if you are a TY Silver member, you need to make at least 10 bus ticket bookings or bus ticket bookings worth Rs.10000 in a 12 month period to remain a TY Silver member. In case the bus ticket bookings you make are less than those of the previous 12 months, you move to the previous tier (from TV Silver back to TY Bronze). The higher up the tier you are, the more discounts and importance is given to you.

So what are you waiting for? Register with, book your bus tickets and enjoy our privilege card advantage.

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