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Terms and conditions for our services

Last updated on 19th May 2021


1.   Acceptance of terms and conditions


We at Travelyaari shall like to thank you for using Travelyaari. The below mentioned terms and conditions are meant to make you aware of your rights and responsibilities towards using all our services provided by Travelyaari, website at or android / iOS / progressive web applications (“apps”) (referred henceforth as “Travelyaari”).


These terms and conditions apply for all existing and future customers of Travelyaari across its services. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. 


By accessing or using our services on or android / iOS / progressive web applications ("apps"), you are agreeing to legally binding terms and conditions with Travelyaari operated by Mantis Tech Services Private Limited, a subsidiary of Taiga Indo Private Limited and its affiliates.


You are free to not use our services in case you disagree with our terms and conditions. Your use of Travelyaari is at your own risk and by using our services, you are agreeing to the risk to be exposed to content that you may find disagreeable.


   1.1.    About Travelyaari


"" and "Travelyaari Apps on Android & iOS", henceforth just referred as "Travelyaari" is a bus travel & logistics eCommerce reseller internet product platform from Mantis Tech Services Private Limited with its registered office at Gopala Krishna Complex, 1st Floor, #45/3 Residency Road, Bengaluru, Bangalore-560025, Karnataka, India.


   1.2.    Our contact details and feedback channels


All our customer service is provided through digital medium only and we do not either honor or monitor social media channels and other platforms for customer service, hence in case of any communication, you agree to mail us at, clearly mentioning your concerns, incidents, issues or requests or through our Feedback section on website and apps.


   1.3.    Defining Travelyaari Customers


“Customers” or “you” or “your” as a customer of the Services. A customer is someone who accesses or uses the Travelyaari Services for the purpose of sharing, displaying, hosting, publishing, transacting, or uploading information or views or pictures and includes other persons jointly participating in using the Travelyaari Services. By direct usage of Travelyaari service or indirect usage through an individual or business or organization acting on behalf of you, you are voluntarily agreeing to be legally binding to this contract and its terms and conditions.


   1.4.   Defining Bus Operators or Bus Service Providers or Merchants


Bus operators or Bus Service providers or Merchants, referred henceforth as operators are entities owning or leasing, selling or operating bus inventory and its services on Travelyaari.

2.   Travelyaari Services



   2.1.    Bus inventory and its attributes


Travelyaari is an eCommerce platform that resells the bus inventory to end bus travel customers acquired through multiple inventory distribution channels having operator’s inventory (henceforth referred as “partners”). 


Travelyaari doesn’t own or operate its own bus services. All the inventory is displayed on the basis of information provided by partners. Travelyaari only applies standardization on the inventory attributes based on information provided by partners and information collated through its own website and app platforms to allow customers to make a judicious decision as per their needs. We have no intention to promote any operator over the other for the customer than provide inputs helpful in making the selection process among multiple between multiple operators customer friendly. Customers can always sort, filter and search all available inventories as per their own sole discretion. 



   2.2.    Trademark & Copyright of Bus Inventory and Operator Names


All the trademark, logo, copyright with relation to either name of operators or the fleet they operate lies with operator itself and Travelyaari passes such information as the way it gets it from partners. Travelyaari has no intention to violate any copyright, trademark rights and in case of any misinformation is found by customers, the same can be informed for validation and correction through post or email or through our feedback channels mentioned on our platform.



   2.3.    Bus Booking Service


Customers can avail following services to complete a “booking” or “paid transaction” to buy a bus ticket or tickets:



   2.4.    Cancellation & Refund Policy


3.   Customer content



4.   Travelyaari Trust Score


Travelyaari Trust Score is an algorithmic score based on multiple feedbacks, ratings and reviews received from its customers, which reflect the opinions of the Customers. It is pertinent to state that each and every review posted on Travelyaari is the personal opinion of the Customer only. Travelyaari is a neutral and transparent platform, which solely provides a means of communication between Customers and Operators. Travelyaari doesn’t arbitrate disputes between customer and operator.



5.   Travelyaari TYCoins, Discounts, Loyalty, Privilege points


Travelyaari reserves the right to decide whether to give or not give various forms of discounts at any point of time as described below. Customers hold no right to demand for the same unless the voucher was issued as per stated above. Travelyaari in cases of multiple applicability of discounts applies maximum discount applicable. All discounts are non refundable in nature and are adjusted to refund value at the time of cancellation.


  1.   5.1.   TYCOINS

Every booking is rewarded by Travelyaari in terms of algorithmically determined TYCOINS that can be redeemed by Customers on their future bookings as determined by Travelyaari. This is determined by in house secret logic based on inventory being bought, customer past historical behavior at Travelyaari, platform used to reach Travelyaari, etc and channels, journey, booking date-time. Redemption rates are also calculated on similar attributes. Travelyaari reserves rights to cancel and nullify full or partial TYCOINS issued to a customer at any future point of time based on its discretion.


  1.   5.2.   Discount Codes

Travelyaari from time to time runs promotional discount codes or promo codes on its website and apps. The rules and eligibility of discount codes are often also described on our offer page. Travelyaari reserves the right to deny some or all of the customers the discount


6.   Right to change in this policy document


Travelyaari reserves the right to change some or all of the above contents of terms and conditions from time to time and its sole responsibility of customers to keep themselves updated on our terms and conditions before and after every booking. 

7.   Grievance Contact Points

For any prospective or current customers of Mantis Tech Services Private Limited, for any grievances our contact address and Grievance officer details are as follows:

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